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2397 days ago
The Island-Freaks team wishes to make it clear that is NOT and has never been associated with the "Jamaican Girls Exposed" website, which was apparently launched on the 14th April, 2012.  The website "Jamaican Girls Exposed" was hosted on a FREE blogging service & has recently (26th April 2012) been disabled or removed.  Its removal is based on reports & investigation regarding the posting of media content for the purpose of blackmailing individuals to pay over $580 U.S. or face the embarrassment of having nude pictures and video posted to the "Jamaican Girls Exposed" website.


The corrupt acts of "Jamaican Girls Exposed" has set back the advancement of Jamaican online adult entertainment but does not affect or its members.


Trinidadians are strong contributors have fully embraced the title of Island-Freaks & we have high hopes of Jamaicans becoming strong & competitive contributors/publishers as well. was founded and launched in the year 2010 & we are currently ranked 298th in
Trinidad and Tobago & 334th in Barbados.

We are growing daily.


FYI: though we do not rely
on this site for stats and tracking, this serves as an example of our traffic standing. .


We aren't amateurs & do not operate island-freaks where pornography is illegal to view, share or upload.  ~_~ Happy viewing.